USA: 20 Millionen, inklusive 25% der Jungendlichen

Twenty-first century science and technology make it possible for all the world’s people to have good food, good health, good education, a good job and a fulfilling life.

What stands in the way? Capitali$m – an economic and political system that puts profits before people.

Q: What’s wrong with capitalism?

A: It puts profits before people.

The heart of capitalism is the drive for more and more profits for banks and corporations no matter what happens to our nation’s people and environment. The results of this built-in greed are horrible:

* 20 million people out of work, including 25% of our young adults.
* Exporting jobs to wherever workers get paid the least. Wiping out American industry.
* Draining the public treasury with tax breaks and bailouts for the super-rich and giant corporations.
* People’s needs go down the toilet. Public schools, health services, parks, libraries, and transit systems are cut back or closed.

* Poisoning our drinking water, air, food supply and oceans.
* Cutting workers‘ pay and benefits, stealing pensions.
* Corruption of Congress and our democratic institutions by corporate dollars and lobbyists.
* Denying workers the right to join unions.
* Record levels of inequality.
* Greed for profits is the impetus for war – for oil, for domination of other countries‘ markets and profits of military contractors.

* Capitalism foments racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-immigrant campaigns.


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